Worn Out

Only third week in at my new job and I am extremely exhausted. All I want at the end of the day is an alcoholic beverage, good sushi and my bed. This job has thrown me off of my routine especially the little things like making my bed or reading my book of the month. Over the weekend I was playing catch up and trying to get myself back into the routine of things. Made myself a weekend to do list that consisted of a few errands to run. Also, trying to gradually get myself back into my workout routine again. I’ve definitely put on some weight due to stress, which is no bueno so I need to take care of that. I’m not saying this job sucks by any means because I’m so restless. I definitely love this current position since there’s definitely growth and I’m doing what I truly want to do in design that I never got to do at previous positions. I’ve just had some bad habits grow on me a bit before and after starting this job like bad eating habits, sleeping late, not exercising, completing chores, and etc. I just need to get a better grip of this schedule. What’s killer is this commute to work. That time I take to commute to and from work I could be doing something else. Luckily I have flexibility at my job where I can start my day whenever I want, but I prefer to get things done in the morning and have the evenings to myself like most people. I’ve been playing around with my schedule a lot as to what works for me, like what time to leave my house to drive into work or what time I should leave and maybe complete 1-2 hours worth of work at home. So many things to consider and play around with. Right now, I really wouldn’t mind a weekend getaway somewhere. But first I gotta handle that work/life balance before I can consider a short trip anywhere! Even though I’m exhausted, I really enjoy that feeling as weird as it may sound. It’s keeping me distracted from certain things and helping me focus on what I came to California for. Career wise I’m in a good place and I can’t complain, even if I’m tired. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Worn Out

  1. I just thought of something that may or may not interest you!

    “Looking to expand the Imaginary Zebra team! If you’re into graphic design, branding, web design, and/or UI/UX, please send me your portfolio/resume to benson@imaginaryzebra.com

    It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have internet, outlet, and cool with using google hangout/skype for communication.”

    I’m not sure about the specific details, but I was an intern for Imaginary Zebra before. Not sure if it’s a paying position now, but just thought I’d throw this out here. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info. I’ll keep it in mind for future opportunities, but for now I really like my company and plus I literally just started. I think I’ve done enough hopping around on my resume. Thanks again though!

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