Yesterday when I got home from spending the day in San Francisco, I noticed this large white envelope as soon as I stepped into the house. I checked who sent it and it was from a close friend from home. I sat on my bed and was eager to open up this package to see what it was. As soon as I saw the contents in the package I was overwhelmed with joy and started to tear up. My friend JN was really sweet and sent me a book by my favorite author and she’s a fan of him as well since we like to discuss about his books sometimes. She also sent me a newsletter from Cape Cod which is where my parents live as well as where I grew up for a certain period of time. She sent it to me since she went to visit Provincetown and thought it would be nice to send me something that reminded me of home. Plus I got an awesome pineapple shaped letter too haha. It was all really sweet and cute of her to do something like that. I generally send postcards to close friends and vice versa, and definitely don’t expect any gifts in return at all. It definitely made me feel really comforted since the moments of homesickness was kicking in earlier this past week.

JN is someone I’ve known since I was 14. She’s just about 2 years younger than me. We met through mutual friends back in the days and somehow we became close friends. She has always been the same since I’ve met her long time ago. We had this weird lingo between us where we called each other “AC” which stands for Asian Crew lol. It’s a long inside joke between the both of us, but she even referred to me as Connie “AC” Chen on the package lol. I think it’s cute that that little silly joke between us still carries on especially after so many years. I remember when I was 16 I had mentioned how I always wanted a jade bracelet but just never got one. Since I was relatively close with her family, her mom who is the biggest sweetheart gave me this amber colored jade bracelet for both JN and I. It was such a sweet gesture. Unfortunately it broke during my freshmen year in college and I felt so bad because I really did value that gift.

There were definitely periods of time where we lost touch, but whenever we caught up with each other everything was the same where it left off at. Even though we hung out with different crowds and a few of our interests didn’t match, I knew I could always count on her if I was ever in need of a friend. It was a bummer that I didn’t get to see her before I moved to California. My move was kind of short notice and I tried my best to make time for most of my close friends before I left. I really wish I got to see JN before I left, but I’m sure we’ll have a little reunion again. We still keep in touch through text messages and Google Hangout chat sessions. We always had this thing where we would catch up over a bowl of pho and that was my favorite thing with her. We’ve always done it since we were younger since it was a cheap yet enjoyable meal and we’ve managed to carry that little tradition on. She even mentions in the letter how we should catch up over a bowl of pho someday lol. I’m just glad that throughout the years, neither one of us had forgotten about each other and still have such a strong friendship. I’ve always looked at her as my little sister and that’ll never change.


5 thoughts on “AC

  1. I’ve heard so much about this author but not sure what books I should start with. What do you recommend I should read first?

    1. 1Q84 was the first book I read by him. He has a couple of books that can be very depressing but they’re all well written. Keep you posted how the book I got from my friend is!

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