For awhile lately I feel like there’s some clutter in my life. I just wanna get rid of everything and be left with literally one luggage full of my belongings like how people used to travel way back in the days. My closet is neatly organized as well as color coordinated. Everyday when I slide open that closet door and my eyes is fixed on this rainbow array of clothing where I have to pick my outfit of the day, I feel like the clothes doesn’t suit me anymore. The way I’ve always dressed has been basic such as tank top with cardigan or V-neck tee with jeans or leggings. That’s my style. I don’t get flashy with accessories. There are some clothing in this collection that just suits the old me. I have a few dresses and skirts from the clubbing and partying days, summer outfits I’ve worn to the beach visiting my parents in Cape Cod, and etc. I definitely feel like my style has changed since I’ve moved to Cali. I’d like to think it’s much more reserved and neutral, but still basic as usual. Anyways, I guess this is my way of moving on with my life as weird and corny as it may sound. Like I’ve told a lot of people, I’ve toned it down a lot since I’ve moved here and the remaining belongings that I have here doesn’t suit me as much anymore. It reminds me of the person I was back in Boston. I was very outgoing, social and free spirited. Not saying I’m not any of these traits anymore, but I don’t really have any friends to bring that side of me back again since my life is so quiet now. I’d be content with keeping a few favorite books, lipsticks (you have no idea how much I have haha) and of course favorite outfits. I’ve donated and gotten rid of A LOT of my clothes and belongings while I was preparing my move to Cali. Of course I wanted to hold onto everything, but my rule was that if it couldn’t fit in my car then it had to go. My lifestyle has changed dramatically as well since I’ve been here. I live a very simple daily life where I’m hardly ever required to get all dolled up like I used to. Dressing up for me now is putting on lipstick. It’s time to get rid of these things like I did almost a year ago when I was prepping for my move. I just don’t need a lot of these things anymore and I’m ready to let it all go.


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