Things has definitely looked up recently and surprisingly quickly too. I got to spend time with my close girlfriend from home that was visiting, hung out and went bar hopping with “concert friends”, and finally hang out with another fellow Bay Area Xangan. Also, landed a new job which I’m semi excited about. Many interviews later and I got a couple of offers. Had to turn some down for the one I accepted. It was a first come,  first serve basis for me just to be fair. Anyways, things are looking up and there’s so much of this happiness I want to share with PC. I am lucky and blessed to have such supportive parents and friends with kind words of encouragement and whatnot, but it’d just be nice to share this with a significant other. It’s one thing when you share this kinda news or happiness with family and friends versus a significant other. That thought of being single and not being able to share that with someone special made me tear up. It started to make me feel so lonely. Everything is coming together but just that one void in my life has yet been filled. I just want to settle down already, share memories and experiences with a significant other already. It’s already been pretty lonely to not have my family and friends here to share my California experience with. I have no one to really share my experience with. It’s just so many memories and emotions by myself. Sometimes I just wonder if things has changed for the better where he would just somehow show up at my door step, but realistically that will never happen.


Wish I could share this moment with him.


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