South First Fridays Art Walk

For awhile now ever since I’ve moved to San Jose, I’ve always wanted to check out the First Friday out here. I haven’t been to a First Friday in a long time back in Boston. Essentially what First Friday is is where local artists display their artwork open to the general public. There’s usually beer and wine served at these events. I like how the First Friday here is more outdoors than indoors of a gallery like how Boston was. Also, this past weekend there’s a festival called SubZero festival in collaboration of First Friday so the event last night was bigger than previous ones from what I’ve been told. There were a few stages with different bands and artists performing. There were a few food trucks, but none really appealed to me. It was pretty cool and very lively. It was nice walking around and making more use of my DSLR. I got to do a bit of networking when I was checking out this one display of a local magazine called Content. I spoke with the girl that deals with marketing for that magazine. It was really interesting how it’s all local writers, photographers, models and designers that collaborate to develop a great piece of print. It was great speaking with someone that is as passionate as myself about print design, which unfortunately is dying to the digital world. We exchanged contact information and at that moment I thought “dammit I should’ve brought my business cards!” haha. I didn’t think I’d end up talking to anyone since I was roaming around by myself.

After checking out the artwork and whatnot, I ran into the group of people I went to the Skrillex concert with. I haven’t seen them in awhile and they’re really chill, fun people. We ended up going bar hopping, which was fun. The guys were really sweet and kept buying me drinks, which I really appreciated but definitely wasn’t necessary on their end. Went to a cool kinda dive bar in downtown that’s semi new. Lots of great beer selection. After that first spot we ended up at really shady bars lol. It was an interesting night, but I had a lot of fun. One of the guys was really sweet and walked with me to my car while the others headed in another direction to their car. I got home at practically 3AM and another guy in the group texted me to make sure I got home okay. They’re such sweet people. Hopefully I’ll be able to hang out with that group more often.

Anyways, I’m gonna try to go to First Fridays more often when I can. It’s so far one of my favorite local events to check out and I believe First Fridays is a nationwide event.


2 thoughts on “South First Fridays Art Walk

  1. I see the low light was not a problem for you.
    Pictures look great.
    Hopefully this contact will lead somewhere.

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