Company Anniversary

Yesterday was my company’s 25th anniversary. Pretty cool to know they’ve been around this long and it was started by 3 entrepreneurs. It was a nice break at 3pm and after lunch treat. My department (Creative Services) went downstairs together to enjoy some cupcakes. Once we got down there we were so amazed at how pretty the cupcakes looked so of course we all had to bust out our phones and snap photos haha. Some had these fancy edible pearl decorations on it. It looked too pretty to eat haha. It was nice mingling with my team even though we already chat and laugh a lot together. We were chatting with this guy from another department that we met a few weeks ago. My coworker M made a comment about how she keeps saying hi to this Indian guy everyday and she mistaken that guy for S lol. It was so funny yet semi offensive. Pretty much saying all the Indian guys at work look alike haha. M was embarrassed, but she’s a really funny lady and we all got a good kick out of that story lol. Glad she got that one out before she continued talking to the wrong guy again LOL. We noticed a lot of the cupcakes weren’t being eaten and since we didn’t want to be wasteful our department was the only ones that took containers and took a bunch of cupcakes home haha. I took 4 home (one of each flavor) for my roomies. Figured they’d appreciate the goodies.

It’s been so chaotic at work. Lots of stress and tension in the office, but I don’t blame them to feel that way at all. But we still try our best to keep it light and fun at work. Last night I felt like I should’ve just camped at work lol. I already felt so physically burnt out from work and the gym, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was hoping to leave work on time but nope. Got bribed with Thai dinner from my boss to stay longer, which was fine because I didn’t feel like cooking anyways. Plus I don’t mind helping my team since I know one of them is gonna probably lose their shit any second haha. But yesterday I worked from 8AM – 9PM. When I left a few of my coworkers were still there. Who knows how long they ended up staying there? I was so tired when I got home. I didn’t bother telling my roomies I got them cupcakes, so I just put a note on the box and hopped in the shower. Opened a beer and I was already drifting to sleep after my shower. I didn’t want to waste the beer so I had to finish it and soon lights out! Definitely been so busy and tiring at work, but I love it though. My team makes it fun for me even during this stressful time haha.

Anyways, gonna really try to relax this weekend, but sadly the weekend goes by way too fast! 😦


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