Table For One Please


Seafood soondubu with yummy sides
Seafood soondubu with yummy sides

These past couple of days I’ve been in the mood to go to the movies by myself. I put on my big girl panties and did that on my birthday this year, which I enjoyed and found it relaxing to go alone. Right now it doesn’t seem like there’s anything too appealing for me to rush to the theater to see by myself. Yesterday I spent a good several hours at this milk tea spot that I like reading away. I lost track of time and it was 8PM. My options were to either A) go home and cook dinner, B) order take out, or C) have a protein shake for dinner. I was really exhausted from my work out earlier that day and just overall tired from the hectic work week. I was craving for soondubu (Korean tofu soup), which I haven’t had since I was back in Boston. I’ve been deprived of Korean food since I’ve moved here actually haha. I just wanted some soup and to call it a day. Turns out there’s a relatively new Korean spot around the corner from the milk tea spot I was at. I looked on Yelp to see if it was worth going and based on the reviews it didn’t seem too bad.

After I stepped in I felt kinda shy and nervous because I’ve never dined alone. I’ve always preferred having company to enjoy a meal or drinks with. I never saw anything wrong with dining by yourself, it’s stupid that some people frown upon it. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the company of great friends back at home whenever we dined out, which was quite often haha. Anyways, I got seated right away in the corner by myself lol. Talk about total loner seat! Their menu didn’t seem too bad, but I just stuck with what I mainly went there for. I was just sitting there texting away to friends while I waited for my meal. The wait for my food didn’t take too long. The service was prompt and the staff was really nice. I really enjoyed the side dishes especially the noodles. Pretty yummy! I ordered the seafood soondubu, which had shrimp and clams in it. This place really hooked you up with lots of clams in this dish haha. They were nice and cracked the egg for me. Overall I really liked it at this place and after awhile I got over the fact that I was sitting by myself. It wasn’t that bad and I kinda enjoyed it. Maybe Sundays will be my newfound days where I dine out alone.

If you’re in San Jose, check out Enjoy Seoul for soondubu! I’m sure there are other places that might be better than this place, but it’s not too shabby!


7 thoughts on “Table For One Please

  1. I have been craving Korean food too! Hopefully I’ll have time to get some soon. If you’re ever in Oakland, I would recommend Jong Ga House. They give you like 10+ side dishes to go with your meal. 😛 And of course the food is good. 🙂

    1. I barely ever go to Oakland but I’ll keep that in mind. I usually stick around SJ and at most once in awhile go to SF. If you have any other suggestions of good eats in the South Bay let me know! Hope all is well on your end! 🙂

      1. hahah I will let you know if I think of anymore or if you have anything specific you are craving. By the way… several food places around UC Berkeley are awesome too. 😀

        Any food recommendations for Boston? 🙂

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