Sometimes To Find Happiness, You Just Need To Feel A Little Sad

Thought Catalog

There’s no formula for happiness. You can’t just follow certain rules to achieve it. Because you have to understand, happiness isn’t constant. In fact, nothing in the world is constant. We are always changing. I think we have both experienced times in our lives where everything was going exactly as planned, then the next second, everything fell apart. But we never seem to realize that even when things go horribly wrong, things start to lighten up. Life is a beautiful cycle. You know what they say: without experiencing the lows, we would never feel the high. 

The struggle that we have is overlooking all the negativity in our lives. And that in itself is what keeps us from being positive. We always dwell on how things are so horrible. We complain, and complain, and complain. Maybe the first step is to take a breath and recognize that things may feel…

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