50 Other Way To Be A Woman

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On April 10th a I saw an article on here titled “50 Ways to Be a Woman” I clicked on the link hoping to find something refreshing and not gender stereotypical. What I found was not a solid stance on what a woman is. There were some very progressive statements that made me proud to be female; but, then others that left my heart feeling heavy with how degrading and typical they were. Some of the points I agreed with, but I had to stop about half way through. Not because I didn’t agree, but because the list was unfair. There are not just 50 ways to be a woman. There are an infinite number of ways to be a woman.

I don’t want to write my own “50 Ways” list because it would mute the beauty that was in Caitlin Leggett’s article. Instead I…

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  1. Hey, I can’t get to the link for some reason….

  2. Finally got around in reading it. I think the Author knows what she talks about. Her logic makes sense and I agree to it 100%. 🙂

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