It’s been a total shit show at work this past week. We have a lot of important deadlines approaching and everyone is stressed out. I go to the gym everyday after work with my coworkers to relieve this stress, which has helped. I’m just kinda frustrated with some of the revisions I have to work on. It really annoys the shit outta me that people can’t be specific in what they want completed. People are being stupid and a pain in the ass right now. I’m way pass a deadline and it’s stressing me out. I fucked up on a project this morning, which isn’t entirely a big deal but still it makes me look bad. Luckily the project manager is being understanding and I made a quick turn around on that assignment.

It’s almost lunch time and I’d much rather having a few drinks right now. Definitely much needed at this point. For now the gym after work will do to help relieve that stress. Probably will go a lot longer today and set aside my errands. There’s just a lot of stress building up at the moment. I’m just overwhelmed and trying to chill out. It didn’t help with lots of people in the office and talking so loudly. I just put on my headphones and tried to block them out but I just got even more annoyed. I’m trying my hardest right now to bite my tongue so I don’t snap at my coworkers like a crazy bitch that I can be lol.

I’m just ready for the weekend already!!! Gym, beer and sushi is all I’m looking forward to after work.


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