Getting It Together

Besides my recent depressing posts, I’ll update with a much more uplifting post haha. Work has been great. I am definitely in a great place right now. I love my job even more than I did already. My company is awesome. It’s definitely my ideal work environment. I love the culture of the company and how well they appreciate their employees. Lots of great perks here at this company and I work with such an amazing team of people. I’ve gotten closer with 2 of my coworkers that I started with so it’s nice to have girls that are close to my age to hang out with and to talk about anything. We recently discovered that there’s a gym at my company so we go to the gym together after work, which is great and motivating for each other. Later today we’re going to yoga since they apparently offer yoga classes at my company twice a week. Might as well take advantage of it all while I can! Also, they service breakfast at work which is really convenient. They have a yogurt bar where you can add fresh fruit and other toppings to it. It’s really good. I wish I could just live at my company since they practically have everything I need haha. :p

Last week my boss gave us an optional task of creating a t-shirt design for our upcoming event in LA. The goal was to great a t-shirt celebrating our company’s anniversary. You can design the t-shirt however you want as long as it represents how old the company is which is 25 years old. It can’t be too feminine, but it should be a bit more masculine yet also likable enough for it to be unisex. The t-shirts will be printed on American Apparel t-shirts and will be sold at our event, which exciting. The winner will get a $100 or $200 Amazon gift card which is awesome. I’m still not sure how much but better than nothing! Yesterday my team voted on the designs that my other boss, my coworker and myself did. I had 3 designs to show and was kinda nervous to see if my design was as up to par as theirs. I was up against a senior designer and an entry level designer, but you never know what design styles they have or how good they are at any level. I thought here’s my chance to really show how strong of a designer I am so I had to take advantage of it. The team didn’t know who’s designs were who. It was interesting to see who was voting for which design and their reaction and comments about the designs. So far it looks like I kicked everyone’s ass unanimously lol. That definitely boosted my confidence as a designer and I was really happy. Plus, I never win anything so something like that gets me so happy haha. I’m still awaiting on the final decision, but it’d be really cool if I won. 🙂

Here’s my t-shirt designs. It’s not the final designs since they still need to be cleaned up and tweaked before final submissions if one of them is selected. The second design was the favorited one:

Besides updates about work and working out, I just feel a lot happier. Of course I’ll have my days where I feel a little down, but I can’t be all jolly everyday haha. When I video chat with my friends from home, they see me happy again, which is a relief to them. I do catch myself being sad sometimes, but I really try my best not to dwell on it so much. I’m still really hurt, but I’m too busy to focus on that. I’m doing great things with my life right now and I can’t stop for look back at the past. I work in a very happy and positive environment which has definitely lifted my mood. I’ve met some interesting people recently and we’ll see how it goes. I just feel like I’m slowly yet finally getting it together. It’s a great feeling and I haven’t felt like this in awhile. I’d like to make more time to go to SF on the weekends since work practically drains me. I’ve been looking up concerts to go to. My travel plans might be put on hold, but that’s okay. That’s still up in the air. For now I enjoy spending my weekends reading at a cafe, going to temple and working out. The Pescatarian thing has been going well. There has been a couple of moments where I had chicken, but no biggie. I’ve been eating a lot of sashimi for dinner recently. Need to chill out with that because I’m definitely not a baller haha, but it’s sooo good!

I’m okay again. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Getting It Together

  1. You can buy sashimi grade fish at a Japanese market and cut it yourself! Not sure how that works, but definitely sounds cheaper. Glad to hear your work situation is great!

  2. I’m glad you’re happier now! 😀 I like the first and second one. 🙂 And now I know who to consult for designing stuff in the future…;D Hope you win!

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