I really do miss traveling. I’m glad I got to do a bit more traveling prior to my move or even during my move. I miss exploring a new city, trying the local favorite foods, and everything else that entails with visiting a new surrounding. The other day I contacted my close friend that recently relocated to Austin, TX to see what she’s been up to and what not. Unfortunately she’s headed back to Japan to handle some personal affairs, so I suppose visiting Austin, TX won’t happen any time soon. I talked to my close friend from back at home and I might join her and our mutual friends in a trip to Portland, OR. I’d love to go to Seattle, but I’ll digress.

Austin, Portland, Seattle and I think Phoenix is on my travel list for this year, but we shall see. I haven’t really explored much of the south or the west coast that much. I want to visit those cities because I would like to try to go somewhere new once a year. My ultimate travel goal is to travel to every state. Of course I’d love to travel somewhere international that isn’t Canada haha. I’d love to visit Japan and S. Korea. For now I just wanna get away for the weekend somewhere other than going to somewhere else in Cali. I’ve even looked at flights to visit home, but I’m gonna wait until the fall. Being in Boston during the fall is absolutely the best. It’s so cozy, you see the foliage, and of course I can actually make use of my peacoat haha.

Maybe I’ll even join my friends from home on their trip to Vancouver. It has been awhile since I’ve been there and it’d be nice to see my friends from there. There’s lots of places I want to just up and go to but once again I am not ballin’ like that ….yet haha. I’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors either running or outside of Starbucks with a book or my laptop since it’s definitely warmed up here this past week. Absorbing all of that vitamin D before I get busy with work, which I’m looking forward to. I suppose I can continue to day dream about it while I enjoy my last weekend of freedom.


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. I tell myself i’m going to travel to at least one place a year too. Sadly I forgot to last year. Portland is lovely, I think you should…. drive there!

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