Worst Employer Ever

I’ve never had to speak poorly about any of my past employers, but damn this one definitely takes the cake for it. With any job no matter what profession it is, there are pro’s and con’s. As for myself I’ve always enjoyed the work I do and my previous employers has always been great. My only con would be the typical stress that comes with any job but that’s still not a total deal breaker for me to dislike my job or position. While I was searching for jobs out here in California after I moved here, I had a quick turn around with a potential position. I was really excited that I was gonna get my foot in the door somewhere. It was a huge relief and I was ready to have my plate loaded with work.

I got hired instantly and signed my contract. The pay was good and I enjoyed what I did until not too far along into the job things didn’t seem as good to be true  as I thought it would be. My boss was treating me like shit. Crossing personal boundaries and just treating me as if I was working at a child labored sweatshop. There was a lack of respect and especially communication. Whenever she had to get in touch with me about projects and whatnot, I’d pick up that phone call or respond to the e-mails immediately. That’s how it should be since I was working remotely. Yet when it came to me having to contacting her about anything, my phone calls and e-mails would be disregarded and I’d get ignored. Shadiness at its finest lol.

I got fed up with how I was getting treated and was more motivated to leave the position than to suck it up and continue dealing with the bullshit. I couldn’t stand the lack of professionalism and disrespect any longer. No matter how much I told myself to suck it up and be grateful that I had a source of income flowing, it just wasn’t worth it. No one should tolerate that type of shit from anyone. Luckily I was able to find a new position right away which I felt so relieved about. But then I had to literally harass my boss for my paycheck. I wasn’t even seeing ONE paycheck prior to me quitting. It was stressful since we all have bills to pay and I had forked out so much of my own money to move myself to California. It was just a lot of stress for me. Finally after I made never ending calls and e-mails to get my pay, this bitch finally came through.

I was hoping to never deal with her again until she contacted me about some files that she needed. I was considering on ignoring and deleting the e-mail since she asked me to do an extremely task. Until I realized …I needed something from her which was some necessary paper work. Seriously thought to myself “WTF!?” lol. For now I’m just trying to get ahold of that bullshit paper work and it has been a total struggle and extremely stressful for me. I feel like I’ve been a total crazy bitch all day harassing this lady’s phone and e-mails just to get a simple answer out of her. All I need to know is if she has the paper or not. Simple yes or no. Her shadiness has definitely went up since I’ve last spoken to her and I knew she wasn’t gonna follow through on her end. Now I’m back to getting on her ass before I have consider legal matters.

I just needed to blog and vent about this since it’s been such a fucking headache for me. It’s put me in a shitty mood all day and I was looking forward to enjoying beautiful weather outside today, but nope. I’ve just been very mad and stressed out. I felt better after discussing with my college friend from home as to what I should do. She’s a designer as well that is currently freelancing so she was the best person to seek any advice from. She understands why I strongly dislike freelancing. Biggest pain in the ass ever. Anyways, I’m just want this shit to be over with because I just feel like a total crazy woman right now over my previous employer’s lack of professionalism.

Haven’t been this angry and stressed out in awhile. I would never call anyone especially a female this, but she is seriously the biggest CUNT I’ve ever met. I don’t know if that gives you the gist of how mad I am lol. Gonna try my best to destress and go for a run or whatever later to redirect my anger. For now, WOOSAH!!!


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