General Assembly

A week ago I attended this design course that was hosted by General Assembly. What’s General Assembly? They offer courses that’s open to anyone (with a design background or not). The type of courses that they offer ranges from front-end web developing, user experience, and etc. It’s really great what they offer and it’s pretty affordable. You don’t have to worry about going back to college and being stuck there for a couple of years. The timing of these courses can vary for a 1 one day, 2 hour session or 10-week course.

I noticed on my friend’s LinkedIn post about this 2 hour session for Intro to Front-End Web Developing. I looked more into it and decided to sign up. It was just $20 in San Francisco, so why not? Might as well take advantage of all the learning I can get. Also, it was a good refresher on HTML, CSS & Javascript as well as getting to catch up with my friend. The location that it was held at was pretty cool. It was in a loft style space that had a great view of SF. There was a good number of people that attended so it wasn’t awkward that there was gonna be like 5 people haha. There was about 20 people and we went around the room introducing ourselves. It was really interesting to see how different everyone’s background was. I thought there would be more designers there, but nope. There were people that worked in finance, authors, and I forget what else. The only designers that were there besides myself and my friend was this other girl.

Our instructor was really chill. I believe he used to be an architect and shifted towards UI/UX design. I forget but that was pretty cool to know. So the course was very fast paced, but understandable since you have 2 hours to cram in the basics for three topics. I felt a bit overwhelmed but I definitely feel like I need a much more in depth session on Front-End Web Developing. I noticed on the website that they’re having a 10-week course which sounds awesome, BUT lets see if it’s in the funds for me to even consider attending something like that. Although it’ll be very beneficial for my current skill set. There’s a session coming up soon in 2 weeks. Kinda hoping it’s not a total dent in my wallet before I go ahead committing myself to that course. I’d be pretty excited if I can attend though.

Anyways, if you’re a graphic designer like myself or not definitely consider checking out General Assembly and see what they have to offer. It’s definitely a great resource!

Check it out:

If you’re interested in knowing about Front-end Web Developing, here’s a link the instructor sent us. Basically notes and what we went over in the course:


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