I haven’t been able to write much recently because I’ve been really sick. First my lower back pain and then I got the flu. I felt like complete shit. Sucked even more that I had no one to help me out. I haven’t been this sick since I was living back in Boston. I got really sick after my friends from Boston left during their visit here in SJ. My back pain eventually went away, but this cold hit me hard. I felt really nauseous and light headed. Everyday I woke up to something new. One day was the chills, next was a sore throat, coughing, lost my voice, etc. etc. I didn’t even really speak to anyone because I felt so tired and weak. Whenever I did have to go out to pick up medicine or groceries, I felt really hot and sweaty just to be surrounded by a lot of people. Sounds weird, I know. I just wanted to get all the rest I can and to get better again. I felt like no matter how much medicine I took I felt worse. How is that possible!?!? I don’t know haha.

I was looking on Yelp to look for any places that makes decent congee or wonton soup but it seemed like a total mission and I guess I’m kinda picky about how it tastes. I decided to just make congee and wonton soup myself. It all came out really good, but I am so sick of having any type of soup. My appetite is now back to normal. Well kinda haha. I had last minute plans with a friend back at home that was visiting and I had to suck it up and just get myself out of bed to hang out with her. I also forgot about the Skrillex concert that I got a ticket for a month ago. So I had to coordinate plans with the group I was going with since we haven’t hung out after the first time I met them.

Anyways, I really need to take a lot better care of my health besides preventing any colds. I’m really stressed out about that the most right now. My body has gotten so weak internally and physically. I notice that I’m not as strong as I used to be and I’m not happy about that at all. I’m not even that old (yet haha) and my body shouldn’t be this beaten up for a 26 year old. After getting this sick, I felt really unhappy with the condition of my overall health. I just felt really angry with myself and all I had to do was to take better care of myself. I just hope things don’t get any worse.


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