I’ve been meaning to make a trip to the farmer’s market to see what flower selections they might possibly have as well as to pick up some produce. Sometimes when I go grocery shopping I like to just take a quick peek at what flower selections they have just for the hell of it. A month ago I saw that there was peonies in stock at my local grocery store. I was really excited to see them there and was tempted to buy a couple stems for my room. I passed on buying them and when I did reconsider going back to the grocery store a couple days later they were all gone. I was so bummed out haha. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I’ve never been the typical roses kinda gal. I like the smell of roses but I don’t care for the actual flower. Back then I used to love stargazer lilies, but not anymore. I don’t know why I like peonies so much, but I do.

Sadly for being a grown woman, I’ve never ever had anyone buy me flowers. Not even from my family for graduations or birthdays. Shit, not even from ex-boyfriends. It just shows how shitty the guys I dated really were lol. Oh well, but it is what it is. It’s one of the most simple things I could ever ask for as a gift. I’d be fine if you even picked the flowers from a garden or even give me one stem of a peony since I know how pricey they are. I’m not one to demand for an obnoxiously massive bouquet. That’s just a bit much haha. I’m a quality over quantity kinda gal. I am very simple minded. Perhaps too simple for my own good lol. A lot of the things I like doesn’t match up with most girls. I kinda have this weird theory that one day when a guy buys me flowers, he might be the right one. Silly and stupid thought but whatever. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying flowers for yourself. I’m not gonna wait forever for someone to get me something so simple haha. If it was in my funds, I’d probably buy myself fresh flowers once a month. There’s something refreshing about having fresh flowers in your room. For now my artificial peony on my nightstand shall suffice. 🙂


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