Emergency Contact

A couple of days ago I started experiencing some pain on my lower back. I tried doing stretches and massaging it to relieve the pain. The pain has definitely progressively gotten worse. Earlier today I went for a nice, long walk hoping it might help to get some light exercise. Nope! After that walk, I iced my back and took a nap. Did that help? Nope! Luckily my brother is a physical therapist and I asked him for his advice as to what ointment I should resort to. His suggestion of Biofreeze didn’t help since you can only get it at a clinic. I took his second suggestion of Aspercreme and went to the store right away. Getting in and out of my car was a total struggle. I literally screamed because it hurt that much to even slowly maneuver myself into my own car. You can imagine all the curse words coming out of my mouth when I was doing this. Of course with my luck that when I got to the store there was only one huge tube of Aspercreme. Even the generic store brand was out of stock. I just bought it because I couldn’t even handle walking around the store because that’s how much discomfort I was in. Otherwise, I would’ve gone next door to Target or something. Even as I’m sitting here at my desk writing this entry I feel really irritated because of the pain.

As I’m trying to take care of myself, I got kinda sad because I don’t have anyone here to help me. That’s the downside of living in a place with no family or friends nearby. I’ve automatically crossed out my one flakey friend here to help me since she’s unreliable. It just kinda sucks not being able to rely on anyone for a little bit of help. I’ve always been quit independent, but it just seems as I’ve gotten older I’m definitely more accident prone. No bueno.

It also made me think about this conversation I had with one of my close friends. C had asked if it was okay for her to list me as her emergency contact. Of course I was okay with that. If any of my friends wanted to put me down, then I’m more than glad for them to do that. I remember how easy it was back then to list my parents as my emergency contact, even when I had moved out. But now I feel like it’s so different. If something was to happen to me, my parents nor my friends can just drive down the street. They’d have to hop on a 6 hour plane ride to get to me. Recently when I had to fill out this volunteer waiver form and I had to put down my emergency contact, I was hesitant and just got kinda sad.

It just kinda sucks knowing that I don’t have anyone close by to take care of me especially during a time like this.


6 thoughts on “Emergency Contact

  1. One of my fears is dying and no one finding me.
    Wish I was there to take care of you.
    Any idea what caused it? A hot shower helps loosen me up.

  2. Aww that’s unfortunate about your back. Maybe you could get a massage if it ever loosens up enough for you to actually be able to enjoy it. I think it’s a sad lonely reminder when those forms ask for that stuff. I moved 7 hours away from home for college and never had anyone to put down either.

    1. It feels a little bit better today. I’ve been doing a lot of stretches and applying that ointment every couple of hours. At least it’s not as bad as yesterday where I was borderline gonna cry haha

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