New Friends

Over the weekend, a guy that I met at a networking event a couple months ago named M contacted me. We exchanged contact information and talk once in awhile. Nice guy from Cupertino. On Saturday he asked to hang out and I was definitely down for it. I was waiting for him to figure out the plans for that evening. I was borderline close to staying in and going to bed because it was getting kinda late. But I just said fuck it and went anyways. Met up with him and his friends in downtown SJ. We were originally supposed to go to this speakeasy that I’ve been to before but the line wasn’t moving so they moved the party to a pretty low key bar. That was definitely up my alley. As soon as I walked in I met everyone. I met this girl, A, and her and I clicked as soon as we started talking since she’s also originally from the east coast. We shared our California experiences and how the transition was for the both of us. It was really comforting to hear her share similar emotions as me and just how things got better. She understood where I was coming from and it was just really nice. I think when you’re an outsider like myself and you’re from the east coast, you definitely understand how different Californians are versus Bostonians.

Anyways, M left a bit early, but I chose to stay around longer since I just got there. I was having a good time chatting with the group. We share a lot of common interests and sense of humor, which is great. I feel like west coast folks don’t understand sarcasm, which is a shame lol. Towards the end of the night as we were wrapping things up, we exchanged numbers. One of the guys, J was nice and told me he thought I was cool haha. Finally somebody approves of me here. A and her boyfriend E was nice enough to invite me to the De Young Museum with them yesterday. It was fun hanging out with them yesterday. After we got back from SF, E invited me to go see Skrillex and I was thrilled when he asked. I’ve always wanted to go check him out so might as well take advantage of the opportunity. I got my ticket last night and I’m excited for the show. Luckily I managed to get a ticket that’s pretty much next to them. Score!! This group of people seem pretty down to earth and sincere and I’m really glad I met them.

It’s really great to feel like I’ve finally found my niche. 🙂


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