De Young Art Museum

Finally got to check out the De Young Museum with some new friends. I’ve heard good things about this museum. There was an exhibit that my friends had planned to check out since it’s last day is January 20th. They were nice enough to invite me and I definitely took advantage of getting out of San Jose for the day. When we arrived there was a misleading sign saying the exhibit sold out. So glad it wasn’t. They were doing 15 minute rotations so that disclaimer wasn’t posted on the sign at all. Luckily we managed to get to the last rotation for the exhibit. We had a good chunk of time to kill so we decided to just walk around the museum since it was my first time there. Saw a couple of cool things, but their permanent collection didn’t fascinate me. I was told this museum had great exhibitions, but their permanent collection was blah.

Anyways, after lingering around for a bit we finally got in line for the exhibit. Total bummer that we weren’t allowed to take any photos. I was looking forward to giving my DSLR some more action but I had to put it away. I’m sure I could’ve taken pictures with my phone but it was way too crowded. The exhibit displayed work by this artist named David Hockney. I think his work is amazing. As you walk through the exhibit you notice the different mediums he works with. It ranged from watercolor, oil paints, and then iPad drawings and video. It was really interesting with the iPad drawings that he’s done. If you look at a piece of his work from far away it looked like a painting using actual paints…not an iPad. Very interesting stuff especially after viewing his sketch books in the displays. I think it’s really innovative for what he’s created since we’re such a digital era with everything.

So glad I went πŸ™‚


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