Since I’m on this newfound Pescatarian path, I’ve been exploring more options and things I haven’t tried before. I don’t want to just eat a salad every single day. I want to give myself more variety. Something I’ve seen was natto and I’ve always been curious to try it but just seeing it all mixed together with rice and a raw egg doesn’t look that appealing to me. Today I ventured off to the market and bought some. I bought two different brands since there was only 3-4 other brands I believe. I decided to test out this single packet since the other brand I bought comes in a packet bundle of 3. I know it’s a traditional Japanese breakfast, but I didn’t know what to make for dinner so why not? I made some soup as a back up to help me wash down the natto in case I don’t like it. So glad I did lol. The soup was definitely a life saver. I have to say natto is definitely an acquired taste. There was something about the taste of it. It tasted kinda familiar, but it was kinda gross lol. I decided to try it without a raw egg and see if I would like it. Nope haha. I totally forgot to add some seaweed with it but I don’t think that seaweed would’ve helped as a topping. I was already forcing myself to finish it since I hate wasting food. I was scooping large spoon fulls of this and immediately having it with my soup to wash it down. What’s worse was that I was taking my time to eat it and it doesn’t help that I’m a slow eater, so my bowl got cold. I was dreading finishing it but glad I didn’t waste it. I think the next time I try it I’m gonna try it with a raw egg and see how that goes. I saw a recipe where you can make fried rice with natto. That’s another possible option I can try because I’m quite standoffish about the whole raw egg thing. I’m hoping the other brand tastes better. This is something I need to get used to and experiment with some more. :p

  1. VNlilMAN said:

    Yea I wasnt a fan of it either. Next on you’re to try list should be stinky tofu. Do it, I dare you.

  2. happyobligations said:

    Hmm kinda looks like miso paste that isn’t mashed yet. You could also just go with regular beans. Black beans with garlic are great with rice.

    • Connie said:

      Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t like beans. Maybe one day I’ll try it again and like it but for now yuck haha

      • happyobligations said:

        Awww that’s too bad. But isn’t natto also beans? Fermented soybeans.

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