Midnight Motivation

I have to admit that being back on the unemployed club is definitely not fun. Whoever said it was? I’ve been trying my best to stay positive and to treat job searching as a full time job itself. Even though this unemployment is still quite fresh, I’m gradually panicking and worrying. I’m really trying to keep my cool and to relax. Everything will be okay. Due to a recent incident back at home, it’s kinda thrown me off track of this path of optimism. Seriously, can’t catch a break especially in the new year. It’s definitely gotten harder for me to sleep again. I’m literally in bed at 10PM and rolling around bed until 2 or 3AM and waking up at 7AM. I’m just very restless.

When I can’t sleep I spend my time job searching away or reworking my resume or website. I don’t waste any time at all. All gadgets (MacBook Pro, iPad mini, iPhone…can you tell I’m an Apple fan girl? haha) and notebook is all on deck if I need to hop onto any of those platforms to search for something or to quickly write something down. I got a lot of up and coming projects to work on. It’s quite a work load on my plate but I need to do it to better myself for my own sake as a designer. As excited as I am about these projects, I can’t tackle on too much at the same time or else I won’t get shit done. Tonight I had a great idea for a design website to develop, but I think it’s best I try to get a good night’s rest before I jump into anything. I was borderline close to purchasing a domain. It’s been an idea that I wasn’t sure how to go further with it, but tonight it just came to me. Once again, I need to let these ideas marinate in my mind for a bit and to start my day fresh tomorrow so I can organize my ideas and thoughts thoroughly. I guess I’m just excited to get some projects started. Here’s my “free” time that I need to take advantage of while it lasts. You know you love your career if you catch yourself thinking about it while off the clock. This is what I’m passionate about and what I’m willing to do to get myself to where I need to be. With the issues back at home, it’s raised my level of determination and drive for not only myself, but for my family as well.

Anyways, I really do think too much at night whether it’s about my career or something else, but at least my mind is wandering towards a positive path. Hopefully I can fall asleep soon!!

Good night.


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