Coffee Monday

I used to be a big coffee drinker back in high school and especially college. Over a period of time I strayed away from coffee and became a tea lover. Once again times have changed again. I feel like I’m back at it again like the college days intaking all the coffee I can get. I save money by making coffee at home. What’s even better is that I found this really great coconut flavored creamer. It is sooooo delicious with hazelnut coffee!! I can’t fork out money to go to Starbucks everyday. Dunkin Donuts seriously needs to expand out here in Cali. Oh how I miss the hazelnut or French vanilla iced coffees. Point I’m getting at is due to health reasons and also as a new year’s resolution, I’ve decided to limit myself to one cup of coffee a week and that would be on Mondays. I watch this video blog on YouTube and the guy in it sounds just like me. Big tea lover turned coffee drinker haha. He allows himself to have coffee only on Mondays and calls it “Coffee Mondays”. Cute idea so I thought to myself I might as well do that, too. Kinda hoping my folks will mail me some of my expensive tea I left behind at home. I had this really good jasmine green tea that I would drink quite often. Well not anymore. Anyways, lets see how long this coffee once a week deal lasts.

Happy Monday! 🙂


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