Friday Nights

It’s been quite a relaxing day. Got to FaceTime and catch up with close friends from back at home now that the holidays are over. I got a delayed Christmas card from a close friend back from home too which was always nice to look forward to when checking the mail. I got even more great news from another close friend from back at home that she’s booked a flight to come visit me around my birthday. I’m really excited to be seeing friends from home, especially all around the same week. I’m extremely happy about that. I also managed to find a volunteer opportunity which for some odd reason seems to be a pain in the ass to find around here. Anyways, I made some Japanese curry for dinner which seems to be on the menu on Fridays haha. It’s so good though. It’s one of my newfound comfort foods. I like to add daikon in it, too. Good thing there’s leftovers for tomorrow! I showered after dinner and was in bed by 7PM and fell asleep haha. I was asked by flakey friend to go out but I really wasn’t in the mood to be at a bar. I should’ve taken advantage of going out but like I’ve mentioned before I’ve grown accustomed to the silence I deal with on a daily basis. I was hoping to fall back asleep but nope. Just got off the phone with my parents and made myself some hot chocolate. Been meaning to make a dent in those Tim Tams that I got for Christmas. So why not tonight while I watch my favorite movie?!

Looking forward to trying my first Tim Tam slam. Overall it’s been a great day. Hope everyone else is enjoying their Friday night! 🙂

1 comment
  1. VNlilMAN said:

    Tim Tam Slam… was it everything you imagined and more?
    The curry actually looks appetizing, good job (it tends to look terrible in pictures)
    Hope you’re having a great new year

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