Hello 2014

Once again, happy new year everyone! Turns out my NYE wasn’t anything that I had in mind. I was looking forward to a quiet evening and going to bed before midnight. Instead my landlord’s friends whom I’ve met before decided to come by the house to just hang out and eat haha. I was home alone so I was kinda scared when I heard a bunch of people come into the house. I came out and told them that my landlord wasn’t home and they’re like yeah we know..haha.

They brought over food from Boiling Crab and groceries to make hotpot. They were nice enough to invite me to join them which I did since I was about to cook dinner but unsure of what to make. So I offered them beer and wine that I bought but that’s still untouched haha. They’re pretty much fobby but really nice people. I usually talk to one of them the most which is E. I used to see him at the Starbucks near my place when I used to go get work done or he’s always over my place lingering around. Overall funny guy. I helped them with the dishes and cleaning up. They carried on to gamble after dinner and I just went back to my room to Skype with my dad.

I was already falling asleep on my dad trying to stay awake to talk to him and to count down with him as well. But I made it to midnight and it was a perfect way to start the new year. I heard the others outside in the living room cheering so I came out to say happy new year. I told them I heard fireworks and they heard it too. So we went out in the back yard and then we decided to go to the front of the house to see the fireworks. We heard it but not sure which neighbor was setting them off. Then finally we saw a few large sets of fireworks going off which was really pretty. We kept going back and forth being indecisive if we were gonna continue standing outside and wait for more fireworks or if I should go inside and go to bed.

I went to bed as soon as I went inside. I know they were still hanging out which was whatever to me. Oh yeah, at one point before the countdown this random Filipino guy and girl knocked on the door. The guy had a guitar and a Santa Claus hat on, and we werw like “wtf?”. They were going door to door singing and trying to raise money for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. We were a bit creeped out but we gave them some donations anyways. It got a bit weird but he kept going Taylor Swift on that guitar and singing lol.

Anyways, it was an interesting NYE. It was nice having some unexpected company and it was even better counting down with my folks via Skype. As for my first day of the new year…my ass woke up with a cold. Been at home and in bed all day feeling like crap. Way to kick off the new year right? Oh well.

I’m ready to see what 2014 has to offer 🙂


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