Christmas Reunion

Turns out my Christmas movie marathon didn’t happen last night after I wrote last night’s post. One of my friend’s from back at home, P, who now lives in Cali asked me to hang out since we were both home alone for Christmas. P and I haven’t seen each other in nearly 3 years since he moved out to Cali to fulfill his career as an architect. We were never close but we hung out with the same group of friends and we always had a good time. He’s a really nice and fun guy. I reached out to him recently since I forgot that he lived in the Bay Area and gave him the heads up that I’m here in Cali as well.

Anyways, I was really excited to get out of the house and see a familiar face. It’s extremely refreshing when you’re in a place not knowing anyone, but then you see someone you know. It’s just comforting. P and I did a lot of catching up. I explained to him of my social situation here and he understood how I felt. He’s probably right that it’s just people in SJ sucks, but I’d like to think it’s everyone and not just SJ since I’m stubborn like that.

After chatting away, he was really nice and made us dinner since it was Christmas and our dining options were extremely limited haha. After dinner we decided to make s’mores, which I haven’t had in forever. So we thought we ran out of chocolate so we ventured off to find some. But after we bought some we found a chocolate bar IN the box with the graham crackers. Son of a bitch! Lol. Finally having all of our ingredients we just ended up playing around with these insanely massive marshmellows that P has haha. It was so funny.

During our chocolate bar mission, we drove around and he showed me this neighborhood that has really nice Christmas lights. Apparently one of the streets in the neighborhood with lights can sync with your radio. I don’t know. So we were driving around this neighborhood and I guess there were several drivers doing the same thing lol. Although we failed to find the street, it was pretty fun.

After hanging out and watching some Aziz Ansari on Netflix, it was time for me to go home. I was so sleepy and dreading the drive home. So glad the drive wasn’t bad at all. For once I felt like myself again after hanging out with P. I felt genuinely happy and haven’t had that much fun since C came to visit San Francisco. It was a great way to end the last couple of hours of Christmas. I felt a lot of reassurance and comfort after talking to P as we shared our Cali experiences. Surprisingly throughout the whole time we hung out there was no awkwardness between us especially since we’re not close at all and we don’t really know each other that well, besides partying with our mutual friends haha. He was supportive during our discussion and that’s all I needed. He understood the type of shitty people I was dealing with and how difficult it has been for me. It was nice to have a Bostonian’s perspective on the people here and I stand correctly, I’m not a crazy bitch and that Californians are different from us folks in the east coast. Anyways, that sense of comfort from a friend, whether or not if we’re close friends or acquaintances.

It was a great Christmas night. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Christmas Reunion

  1. Glad you didn’t spend Christmas alone! 🙂

    hahaha maybe it IS just SJ people. But I guess I can’t really say anything about them because I don’t live in SJ nor do I know anyone from SJ. lol I hope you get to meet friendlier Californians in the future! Hope you have a happy new year too! 🙂

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