Pillow Talk

I have to admit that at night I feel the most lonely. It’s one of the other moments during my day that I dread the most, besides waking up early on Mondays haha. I find myself laying in bed in total darkness with my mind filled with so many wandering thoughts. Some needing answers to the questions I have in mind. It’s gotten harder for me to fall asleep even though work has worn me out a lot. I’m getting really bad headaches before bed now and sometimes melatonin just backfires on me. I just feel like pillow talk is the perfect remedy. I feel like I just miss having someone to talk to at night. It doesn’t necessarily have to be chatting with a guy either. There was just something so comforting to me. I find that during the darkest hour of night, you can reveal so much to each other. There’s something so sweet and sincere about it. It’s what I’m craving for. It’s even better when the person is next to you. Just laying next to each other, no physical contact, and just let out all your thoughts. Even if the person can’t be there and can at least be on the other end of the phone line was good enough. It’s even better when the conversation can go on for hours and you lose track of time.

One of the many simple things I enjoy and miss so much.


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