Thanksgiving 2013

Well first off hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! As for mines, it was very uneventful which was fine with me. I just wanted to relax and cook myself a bomb meal today haha. My main thing was to cook myself stuff I don’t usually eat. For example breakfast I usually have oatmeal. But not today haha. I rarely ever eat bacon but I bought some turkey bacon recently and that was the closest thing to turkey I can get for today. Got fancy with my salad and tossed in some salmon. Forgot tomatoes and avocados but still bomb! I never buy beef so I thought I’d cook myself good ole steak. Been awhile since I’ve had steak anyways. There was no way I was gonna buy a turkey and eat it all by myself.

Last night before bed I made a to do list of things to get done during the long weekend. Mainly wanted to do it all today so I could really enjoy the weekend. It’s been awhile. There were some things I’ve been meaning to get done but it’s been postponed or I forgot. Got to catch up on some shows. I thought about working out today but……….NO lol. I’ll save that for tomorrow or the weekend. I’m actually considering on going on a hike or something active.

My plan for volunteering on Thanksgiving was a total bust by the way. I also considered volunteering on Christmas too since Thanksgiving is full and nope. That’s not gonna happen either lol. So much for trying to do a good deed haha. Didn’t realized how quickly those slots fill up so quickly here in this area. I feel like usually most places would be scrambling and looking for help. I guess not here in the Bay.

When I woke up this morning I immediately started spamming majority of the people in my contacts with Thanksgiving greetings. As I was going down the list the homesickness definitely kicked in. I had a feeling that some time throughout the day I was gonna get upset. DING DING DING! That happened after I cooked my dinner. I just sat there and stared at my plate. I was dreading dinner time so bad because I knew this was gonna happen. I felt very unhappy to attempt to enjoy this home cooked meal by myself. I just got teary and broke down. All I thought about was my family and friends. What made me the most upset was that my parents chose to work today and a huge amount of guilt kicked in. I wish I was back at home to spend time with them rather than them working. They already work 364 days a year. I just felt horrible. I felt really sad not being able to be at home and hop from one friend’s house to another’s just to hang out. It was a very lonely holiday, but I’m fine now. I know I’ll feel this way again once Christmas approaches and after that my birthday.

Besides the lack of company and loneliness, I’m just happy that parents and all of my friends back at home are happy and healthy. That’s all that matters to me. Maybe next year I’ll have a much more epic Thanksgiving.


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