Holiday Planning

This will obviously be my first year spending the holidays out here in California. I have to say as much as I dislike the holidays, it’s even worst when you really don’t have any company to spend it with. I’m actually bummed out that I won’t be at my parent’s and having some of my mom’s turkey this Thanksgiving. Actually, I won’t be having any turkey at all this year. I’ve already missed my friend’s annual Thanksgiving potluck back at home and that was always an event I looked forward to going to. It’s a rare occasion for all of my friends and I to get together so I always tried my best to go.

Although I’ve told myself I won’t be returning back to Boston maybe until next year to visit, I’ve browsed at flights just for the hell of it. So far the prices aren’t bad at all for the dates I want to go. I’ve even browsed at other destinations, but I still don’t feel comfortable traveling due to my current financial matters. Plus, it’s no fun to go somewhere by myself. I wish I had one of my friends to come along with me. It’s no fun exploring something by yourself. I’m all about sharing experiences and memories with good company.

Anyways, I’ve definitely considered volunteering on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just something to keep me occupied. I really don’t want to sit at home like a total Scrooge. I’m browsing for local events and activities as well. I was invited over to a friend of mines for Thanksgiving out in Stockton, so maybe I’ll take him up on that offer. Not sure yet. As sweet and kind of an offer my friend put out there for me, personally I wouldn’t feel as comfortable. I just wish it was easier to be in the company of my family and friends back at home.

I want to try my best to keep my mind occupied and to avoid feeling any homesickness. Well some of those feelings has already kicked in. I know I’ve been a total emotional wreck this past month. I’ll get over it. I just need to hang in there and to try to look on the brighter side of things. I’ve thought of a few things to do to make it an “exciting” holiday for myself, but once again like I said already I’m all about sharing experiences and memories with good company.

I’ll figure something out.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Planning

    1. Lol aw thanks that’s sweet of you. I can make anything BUT the turkey haha. Last year my friend cooked a turkey for the first time for her hubby and our friends. She did a good job until we realized she cooked the turkey upside down haha :p

  1. You can skype with your family while they have dinner. Have them save a seat for you. =D or does this only sound cute in movies…

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