Needing You

From time to time I enjoy watching Chinese movies. It’s also a good way to help me improve my Chinese as well. Anyways, one of my favorites is this romantic comedy called “Needing You”, which stars Andy Lau and Sammie Cheung. Quick summary of the movie: it’s a corny romantic comedy where the girl wishes for her prospective significant other to say “I need you” to her.

I think about this phrase from time to time. Sometimes it’d be nice to know that someone needed me as much as I needed them. It’s even better to hear from the one you want to hear it from the most. I’m often told by family and friends that they love and miss me, which is sweet. Although it’s not the same as hearing such simple words from someone special. I’m a very simple person that doesn’t ask for much. It just seems like the most simple things in life is much more difficult to get versus the material things.

Maybe one day I’ll hear those 3 words: I need you.


2 thoughts on “Needing You

  1. Sounds like a good movie. Makes me think of “Love on a Diet”! Maybe you told me before, but I forgot that you’re Cantonese too! And yes, those words are definitely nice to hear from your significant other. Don’t worry, maybe one day you’ll find him in the least expected places!

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