Definitely more than ever, I probably cook 98% of the time now compared to when I was back in Boston. Back at home, I would dine out quite often. It would be at least 4-5 times a week, then it eventually minimized and got cut down to 2 times a week. I did dine out a lot when I first arrived in California. Mostly feasting on crawfish or eating at a Vietnamese restaurant. Now I really have no one to go out and enjoy good eats with. My friend here isn’t as adventurous when it comes to food. It gets boring when you dine out at the same restaurant so I guess I’m saving myself a good chunk of money from cooking at home haha. Growing up, I’ve always had to cook for myself and when I lived on my own. You can say I’ve always been pretty self-sufficient. I’m a self taught cook. I always kept it very simple when it came to cooking. I don’t add any salt or oil for when I cook. The only time I do use any oil is probably for frying eggs. I prefer to keep it light and fresh. I’ve definitely eaten even more healthier since I been here. It seems like produce here is definitely a lot cheaper than back in MA., so I do stock up on the greens. I always try to include a hefty portion of greens versus meat. When I do purchase meat it’s usually chicken or salmon. I realized I haven’t purchased any beef at all since I’ve been here. Although I do crave for a bomb ass piece of prime rib from time to time haha. Sighs I’ve been craving for bomb ass Korean food, lox and bagel, smoked salmon eggs benedict, dim sum, etc. Wish one of my close friends was here with me to explore good eats with me. Anyways brace yourself for the food porn that’s underway!


One thought on “Homecooking

  1. Ikea plates? Yum those look good. You can cook for me anytime.
    I’m always afraid my dishes are going to get people sick.

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