For the first time everyone around me (even if not physically here), has definitely made me feel like such an inconvenience to them. It’s been a very chaotic and stressful week for me and I just want to spend some time speaking to friends from back at home. I know everyone has their own agendas and I’m not expecting anyone to drop whatever they’re doing to tend to me. But really, you can’t even spare me a couple minutes or even a couple seconds of your time? I’m just really upset and a bit angry. I’ve been trying to make plans with people I’ve met here and I get rejected. It’s not like I’m not trying to put myself out there. I already barely see or speak to anyone on a daily basis. It doesn’t help either since I work from home. I miss the social life I once had. I miss being physically surrounded by my core group of friends.

I’m just really sick and tired of being told “I’m busy”. Oh yeah, if you’re so fucking busy then how the fuck are you capable of accessing social media with your supposed busy life or able to make “last minute” plans with others? It’s bullshit.

Find another excuse that’s a bit more convincing.


4 thoughts on “Inconvenience

  1. HUGGs. yea.. i’ve realized the phrase “i’m too busy” is often incomplete. It really just means “i’m too busy for you”.
    Hope your night somehow gets better.
    Oh and I almost made plans to go to San Jose this weekend except I realized, its boring as shit up there! =p

  2. Good friends are not easy to find. But open up, join a club within your hobbies, dragon boat club perhaps? You’ll find people there. Or maybe a church organization or volunteer organization. I’m pretty sure you’ll find new friends there. Good luck and don’t let your hopes down!

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