Random Thoughts

I’m too exhausted to write a full entry so here’s a quick break down for what’s been on my mind:

– Extremely burnt out from the new job. Still new to the job, but my family and friends see how exhausted I am when we Skype. Tonight will be the first time where I can go to sleep early. Rewarded myself with a glass of wine when I got home from the cafe. That was definitely much needed.

– Need to get back into running again. I hate that I haven’t been as active and I need to chill out with the caffeine intake!

– This damn job is throwing off quite a few of my daily routines. Need to prioritize better!

– Today was the first time I didn’t go to temple. I generally go everyday. Oddly I felt guilty for not going.

– I had my parent’s help me translate my fortune that I had received from temple the other day. Possible full blog entry about that next time. My mind is still fixated on my fortune though.

– It’s refreshing to get compliments and to be acknowledged. It’s a nice change. Quite smitten.

– Yay the Red Sox won the World Series!! Moments like this makes me homesick. Really wish I was back at home to celebrate this moment.

Well that is it for now. Good night everyone!


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