Best Friend To The Rescue

Prior to my move, I installed Skype onto my dad’s computer. My parent’s aren’t the most tech savvy people. They’re very old school and are still getting used to video chats. We exchange phone calls on a daily basis and at least multiple times a day at that. Since they’re business owners and come home relatively late from work, they’re usually exhausted and ready to knock out on me whenever I want to Skype with them. I usually try to Skype with them shortly after they get home and settled in. Also I try to be as accommodating with the 3 hour time difference. Unfortunately our Skype dates don’t usually last too long because they end up falling asleep on me lol. It’s funny yet cute at the same time. I understand they’re too tired to hold a conversation with me, but to be able to see them for a couple of minutes is definitely worth while. As difficult as things has been for me, our last Skype session on Sunday night was the best one yet. It was a very difficult week for me and to end the week with seeing my parents definitely made it better.

My dad and I usually joke around a lot with each other and act really weird towards each other. It’s an odd father-daughter relationship haha. He’s generally a pretty goofy guy and he succeeded per usual with making me laugh. I haven’t laughed so hard like that in awhile. It was one of those laughs where you might get teary and you’re stomach aches so much from all the heavy laughter. If you’re wondering what we were even laughing like hyenas about, I had randomly asked him if he would ever grow a mustache. He told me how he attempted to grow one after I moved but my mom disapproved and made him shave it LOL. Total fail. So he was acting a fool and took his headphones and pretended he had a mustache and doing weird kung fu gestures lol. I took a screen shot of it and we continued laughing as I showed him the picture I took. He then asked what was on my wrist, which was my Fitbit Flex. I took it off and acted foolish with him. It’s even funnier that my mom gives us this look like “wow you’re an idiot” lol. Sometimes she participates which is awesome, but it’s that disapproved look that she gives us that I think is hilarious. Call us weird, but we’re well aware of it lol. I definitely went to bed with a smile on my face that Sunday night. He helped me forget how much of an emotional wreck I was and the horrible mental state I was in. In so many ways I felt like he was my super hero coming to my rescue. Although he didn’t have any clue of the shit I was going through, it’s like he still knows I needed that pick me up.

I’ve been blessed with such amazing parents, especially a great father who I can call my best friend.


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