Pay It Forward

It’s been about 3 months now that I’ve been here in California. As for my social life here, it hasn’t really been a great experience. To be honest I’ve met a handful of really shitty people here. I’ve grown much more of a distaste for Californians unfortunately. I’ve tried to stay as openminded about making new friends here. I’ve given people here the benefit of the doubt and I do put myself out there. Most people here haven’t reciprocated so well with me. It’s already been a difficult adjustment here for me and the people here hasn’t helped at all. My homesickness has gotten worst and everyday is a struggle (not just in a social aspect either). I tell you now that with the bullshit I deal with from the people here, they’d definitely get their ass handed to them if they came to the east coast. I’m not all for getting physical and violent, but seriously I just wanna throw shit at these people sometimes and give them a good ass kicking that they deserve. Just because I’m not from here doesn’t mean you can try to punk my ass. My close friends has heard me bitch about the people here. I feel bad that they have to hear me complain but shit, if they know the kinda fuckers I was dealing with here they’d get a better picture.

I’ve been asked what my opinions are of the people here and I’m gonna keep it real. They’re immature, cliquey, fake, rude, stuck up, ignorant, stupid, sensitive, sheltered, dishonest, and etc. The list can go on and on but I’m sure you get the gist of what I mean. I feel like people here have their head stuck up their ass and needs a reality check and to get the fuck out of La-La Land. People here have been nothing but rude to me and I’ve had enough of their shit. I’ve pretty much given up on making any friends here. People just suck here. I wish people weren’t scared of being blunt with each other like how people back in the east coast are. I’m not gonna fake it and beat around the bush that I don’t like your ass with a smile on my face, but then again I’m not gonna go out of my way to let it be known that I don’t like you.

Even though I’ve met A LOT of shitty people here, I feel like the only people that have been sincere and kind to me are the strangers here. On a daily basis I go to a café to either read or continue job searching. Just a way to get out of the house and to get some fresh air, ya know? I’ve developed a friendship with one of the baristas here, whom I just found out is still a relatively new employee here. He’s always been really nice to me and makes small talk with me. There was one time I came here and he just came outside and gave me a cookie while I was job searching away. I thought it was really nice. Lately now I’ve been getting free coffee since I’m practically a regular here. Today he hooked me up with a free coffee and macaroons. It’s not much but it’s those little things that can really impact someone’s day. I’ve brought it up to him a previous time that I feel bad because I don’t want him to get in trouble and that I owe him a drink or something. He just told me don’t worry about it. He’s still a mere stranger to me that doesn’t know a thing about me besides my name and that I always order an iced vanilla latte. I am no one to him for him to go out of his way for, but still he’s very kind to me. There aren’t that many genuinely nice people out there anymore, but it’s good to know that a few do still exist. It’s a very refreshing and comforting gesture on his end after the bullshit I’ve been dealing with lately.

People tend to forget it’s those little things that truly matters the most. I feel like the term “paying it forward” has been out of touch with A LOT of people here. People here only give a fuck about themselves and it’s about time they get over themselves. I really wish there were more sincere people like that out here in Cali, but nope. It’s gonna take a lot for me to change my overall opinions of Californians. I’m a stubborn woman and I am very prideful of my hometown. For now there’s a good amount of people on my shit list that won’t ever get off of that list EVER and I’m just focusing on my one main goal here: my career.


5 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. I’m sorry we haven’t exactly welcomed you with open arms. Californians, especially Angelinos get a bad rep for being rude. I wonder how we compare with the rest of the world. Personally, I know I fear moving some where else for being stuck in your same position. Not being able to make any new friends. I’m quite introverted and cant see myself getting a long with anyone. How I met the friends I have now is beyond me but i’m greatful for them.

    Anyway, that barista sounds promising. I wonder if he’s being nice just to be nice or if he actually likes you. Don’t you wonder too? Maybe offer to repay him by taking him out somewhere?

    I hope you find a job soon, maybe that will open doors to new friendships.
    We aren’t all bad though, i’d try and prove it to you but sadly you’re a little far and you have no interest in coming down here so =p

    1. I’m sure if I was to move else where I might be in the same predicament with people. So far Californians are just leaving a VERY bad impression on me. As for the barista I’m pretty sure he’s being sincere and not trying to get booty from me lol. I have a pretty good sense of when someone is trying to bullshit me. I have offered to take him out which we’ll figure out one of these days of when that’ll happen. Hey you’re always welcomed to come visit the Bay ya know!!! lol

  2. What a nice guy. But as you said, strangers can become friends and vice versa. 😉

    Sadly, I concur with what you’ve said about the people. It’s probably more so here in LA. I’ve gotten used to the passive-aggressive undertones and lack of genuine character. But you know what? It helps you get that thick skin. I pretty much ignore people and do what I gotta do. Fight on.

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