Note: This post was from June 26, 2012. I was browsing through my old Xanga posts and just wanted to repost this on here. Just a quick disclaimer. Anyways, read on…

I think one of the saddest moments in life that we encounter is when you become a total stranger to someone. It can be due to differences in a friendship, a breakup with a significant other, or even when you’re just simply no longer acknowledged by this person—friend or foe.

We start off as strangers and once we come across each other’s paths we take the time to get acquainted with each other. Then eventually we put in the time to develop a bond, some sort of connection with someone. We either share common interests or can relate to his/her life experiences. Then follows by a level of comfort that is created for one another. You can either be fairly comfortable around this person and still censor yourself a little bit or not give a damn and act freely around him/her. From here this connection either grows stronger or it weakens. We fear that it’ll weaken and that people will drift a part because of the comfort zone we create for each other. All it takes is one simple thing that can have a huge impact on your relationship with this person.

We become hopeless, sad, confused, angry, etc as to why things fell a part and what could’ve prevented all of this from happening. You try to put the puzzle pieces together and it just still doesn’t make any sense even if the pieces do fit correctly. It’s worst when you’re left with no reason or explanation and just simply left behind with nothing but silence. Then there you go. Back at one. Being nothing but total strangers to each other again…You can’t but help to try to cherish each second with this person only to realize they’re gone the next second. You’re taken out of this routine you have with this person and become hopeless as how to carry on and how to adjust without this person in your life. There was more than just that person’s presence. It was the bond you guys developed and shared simultaneously.

To go from friends/lovers to complete total strangers is just a sad thing. But hey it happens and it’s not like it’s uncommon. It happens daily. I’m one to try to maintain great relationships with the people in my life. Not particularly with every single person I know but just the ones that matter. I’ve been thinking about this idea from time to time. Some of the things we do need to accept is the changes and to move forward with yourself. That’s all that can really be done. It’s normal to reminisce from time to time, but eventually you have to let go.

Thought of this video when I wrote about this post. I saw this awhile back and I’m sure a few or a lot of you have seen it too, but it pretty much has the same message I’m writing here too.

Just a thought…


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