Unnecessary Bullshit

Like I’ve mentioned in recent entries, I’ve been more sensitive and emotional than usual throughout my time here adjusting in California. During the past two weeks, it’s been a bit rough for me and I am thankful I have good friends to fall back on. Although I’ve seen a change in those that I felt like I could count on. It’s just plain shadiness and I don’t need that. No one is forcing you to be there, but fuck …I would never shut you out if you needed me. That’s the person I am. I could never put someone out in the dark like that if you needed me. I’m having doubts and questioning a lot of things. I’m already pretty cautious when it comes to people, but that wall of trust that was once there for a selected few has been slowly deteriorating.

I just don’t need this bullshit right now. I’m already going through a lot: mentally, physically, and emotionally. You’re either gonna stick with me or just walk the fuck away from me already. Wish there were more honest and blunt people out there like myself. I’m tired of this… Fucking cowards.


3 thoughts on “Unnecessary Bullshit

  1. Sorry you’re going through that. 😦

    With a broken heart, I’ve had to weed out people that I thought were my close friends. Even one of my bridesmaids that I’ve known since I was in junior high. It’s so hurtful and I still can’t understand why they’ve chosen to be such spiteful BITCHES. But you know what? I’ve just gotta suck it up and move the hell on. These people will NOT break me. Good luck.

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