Rainy Days

Growing up in New England, it gets easy to adapt to the unpredictable, bi-polar weather. It becomes pointless to even check what the meteorologist’s forecast will be. Most would bitch and moan for a much more consistent weather pattern like how it is here in California. I’ve been here for nearly 2 months and it has been sunny here every single day. No rain, no cloudiness, nothing. Probably a change in temperature but it’s no biggie. I was already a bit bummed that the Fall and Winter was obviously not gonna be the same.

This morning when I woke up I noticed it was raining and later on it was pouring outside. I was actually really happy that it rained. I never understand as to why people found the rain to be calming and relaxing, but now I do. Since I’m currently sick, I continued to lay in bed, light some candles and just enjoy the sound of the rain tapping against my window. I enjoyed every second of it and I felt like my nerves were calmer and I wasn’t as tense.

Due to a few personal issues and recent news on my health, I haven’t been in the best of spirits. Yet with a simple rainy day like today it provided the same level of comfortness that was comparable to when I call/Skype/Facetime with my family and friends back at home when I feel homesick, which is often. For once throughout this entire time I’ve been here in Cali it feels good to say that today was a good day. Even though I didn’t even see anyone at all today and I hardly spoke to anyone either, I just felt like I had a piece of home with me. I felt like I had everyone back at home here with me and it made me feel so much better and at ease about the things I’ve been stressing about.

Today was definitely a good day. 🙂


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