San Francisco Fun

Over the weekend on Saturday, I drove up to San Francisco to meet up with a close girlfriend of mines from back at home who was in town visiting. I was really excited to see a familiar face again. I’d like to consider this more of my first time in SF since I drove up during the day time and did a lot more than my last 2 previous experiences. Let me tell you, driving around SF was quite comparable to New York lol. The hills freaked me out a bit, but I got used to it. I saw cars that were parked at a total slant and I’m thinking, “how the fuck did you do that?!” lol.

Met up with my friend C and her friend T at the Brixton ( for brunch. Been awhile since I had brunch since I was back at home, which was a ritual with C. Their Bloody Mary’s was pretty good and I had to get my usual eggs benedict with salmon and a side of avocado. I’d definitely come back again. A hilarious yet completely awkward and embarrassing moment happened to me when I was there though lol. Long story short, a customer there who was drunk because it was his birthday, had approached me and felt the need to “express” his thoughts and feelings to me which was very inappropriate lol. Sighs …haha.

Afterwards, we ventured off to the Golden Gate Bridge, which was something I haven’t had a chance to check out yet. I’d definitely like to go back again and walk across it. Traffic was a bitch and there was a large crowd of people. Luckily when I had managed to drive over the bridge to park, parking was quick and easy. Too bad it was foggy though. Glad I got to see it though.

Next we went to the Great Meadow at Fort Mason after we stopped into Safeway and grabbed some beers. I loved it here! Luckily I had a big beach towel in my car to sit down on. We were waiting for C’s friend to meet up with us. Just pretty much hung out, drank some beers, and played “Kings”. It was really chill. I’m surprised that they don’t really care that you drink so openly there haha.

The rest of the day consisted of drinking around Nob Hill since that where T’s apartment was at. Met T’s roomies, who were really nice and cool. Went to a couple bars before I headed back to SJ. There’s this one bar we went to called the Kozy Kar ( It was an interesting spot lol. Would I go back? Maybe haha. It was an interesting bar though, that’s all I have to say haha.

Overall, it was a great day in SF seeing an old friend and making new friends. It was refreshing to be around a different crowd of people compared to the people I’ve met in SJ so far. I’d like to eventually move closer to the city, but SJ will do for now. Hopefully I’ll make another drive up there soon! 🙂


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