Nail Salon

Morning spa pedicure! Brought my own nail polish: Essie Fiji 🙂

I’m generally not much of a girly girl going to spas and getting my nails or hair done. I prefer to do those kinda things myself. I’ve come to terms that I needed a pedicure badly lol. It was about time I needed a professional to handle that war zone on my feet haha. I normally give myself a pedicure because I don’t feel comfortable with a stranger touching my feet and even though I know it’s their job to touch my feet, I just feel bad lol. So I was browsing through Yelp to see what salon I wanted to go to. I eventually decided on Luxury Nails Spa (, which just recently opened a month ago. They had an offer for 50% off on all their services, so why not?! Can’t complain for $17.50 for a spa pedicure. Plus, they seemed relatively clean and sterile, and I like the pedicure options that they offer. Their pricing seemed reasonable, too.

Anyways, while I was getting my “Tangerine pedicure” done, Kim, who was the lady working on me pedicure, she was just making general conversation with me. Pretty nice lady. The question that I never expected to be asked especially at a nail salon was, “do you have boyfriend?!” LOL. I just laughed, said no and tried to brush off what moment lol. She asked because she noticed I don’t have a ring on my left hand haha. It reminded me of Anjelah Johnson’s skit “Nail Salon” lol.

As Kim continued on with my pedicure treatment, she noticed I was smiling at my phone when I was texting my girlfriend and telling her what had just happened. She asked again if I’m talking to a boy and I replied with no and laughed again lol. I’ve always joked around with my girlfriends about something like that happening to any of us at a nail salon. It’s funnier now that it has happened to me lol. It’s something I think most people kinda dread happening to them especially from a Vietnamese manicurist lol. I do plan on going back since they have an offer for the month of September for 25% off on all their services. I’m just curious as to what she’ll say to me next time lol.

Quite the highlight of my day so far lol …smh :p


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