Ike’s Lair

If you want a bomb sandwich and don’t want to turn to Subways, check this place out. Great spot for lunch! I’m sure there’s other great sandwich shops in the Bay Area that I haven’t stumbled across yet but this place is a must try! My first time was at their Santa Clara location, which I prefer. If you’re a new customer, a drink and a bag of chips is on them which is nice. This is my second time at Ike’s and this was at their Cupertino location just because my friend’s job is close by. So the menu is a bit overwhelming, but I’ve stuck with the “Spiffy Tiffy”. The “Spiffy Tiffy” entails: Avocado, Halal Chicken, Mushrooms, Pepper Jack, Pesto, Provolone. In other words, it’s bomb! Another popular sandwich that is recommended but I have yet tried, is called “Menage A Trois”. This includes: BBQ, Cheddar, Halal Chicken, Honey Mustard, Pepper Jack, Real Honey, Swiss. I only hesitate on trying this because I don’t like BBQ sauce. Their signature bread that you can select is called Dutch Crunch, which is really good. If you ever grab a bag of chips from there, try the “Voodoo” chips which is like a mix of BBQ and salt & vinegar chips. It’s an interesting mix but not too shabby. As for their pricing, it’s a tad bit pricy but I think it’s worth it …once in awhile especially if you’re on a budget haha.

Just wanted to share some more foodie news! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ike’s Lair

      1. I’ve been meaning to take a road trip up to frisko, maybe I will stop by. If its not good though, I want my money back!

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