Communications Hill

Who needs the stars when you have a view of the beautiful city lights? I’ve heard many great things about Communications Hill and how it’s a great place to workout (run, walk or jog). I was told how it had a great view of San Jose especially at night and I’ve been curious to check it out. I went yesterday afternoon after I figured it was just a neighborhood and not a legit park haha. The view was great during the day but not as empowering like it was at night. It’s a really beautiful neighborhood, too.

Anyways, I came back at night to take a couple photos. I didn’t realized how many people were out so late working out, which made it feel a bit reassuring to go at night for a run around there. I haven’t felt the need to join a local gym around here because it’s relatively nice outside everyday so why not take advantage of the outdoors? I’ve pretty much been running around my neighborhood and the park/trail nearby my place, but it’s nothing spectacular.

It was so beautiful even as I was driving up the hill to park my car. It’s been awhile since I felt so relaxed and calm in my life again. Due to my current situation, i am stressed out and overly worried on a daily basis. It’s hard to relax. Shit, it’s been even more difficult than ever to sleep because of my personal issues. My insomnia has gotten a lot worst and my health hasn’t been that great, which causes me to stress out even more. With all the minor and major issues, I really felt at peace again with myself when I came here and I’m glad I finally ventured out. Hopefully I’ll have better photos to share next time. I’m definitely looking forward to my workout here tonight. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Communications Hill

  1. Looks lovely. This past month I discovered two place around my area too. Makes me fall in love with this city once again.

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