El Grullito Taco Truck

I’ve never been too fond of Mexican food. There aren’t that many great places back in the east coast, but clearly there isn’t a large enough Mexican population like over here on the west coast, especially in California. My friend and I headed up to Stockton, CA on Friday night to hang out with a few of her friends and we grabbed dinner at some crawfish joint. After dinner, my friend was craving for tacos from this taco truck that she’ll “only” order from haha. Yes, she still had the room for tacos after we feasted on 4 lbs of crawfish lol. Anyways, I’ve tried their steak burrito before during a previous drive up to Stockton and I have to say, IT WAS BOMB, therefore I understood her cravings haha. We had ordered a few tacos to share with amongst the group, but we got too caught up with chatting and drinking. Meaning we pretty much didn’t eat the tacos that had we ordered haha. What a waste of money and food, SIGHS!!! What a total fail haha. Since we had to go back to Stockton the next day from crashing at a friend’s in Sacramento the night before, we figured we’d go back to the taco truck to grab some tacos as a quick bite before we drove back to San Jose. It was definitely a great lunch. The carne asada tacos definitely hit the spot. The meat was juicy, flavorful, and the spiciness was just right. I’ve seen various taco trucks around San Jose, but apparently they’re not that great.

Even though I think this taco truck is awesome, I’m still not too crazy about Mexican food haha. Although, if you’re ever in Stockton, make sure  you stop by this truck …even though I’m sure Stockton is really not the “hot spot” anyone wants to be at LOL.

Check it out: http://www.yelp.com/biz/el-grullito-taco-truck-stockton


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