Sunday Funday

Yesterday was definitely a lazy Sunday, but not for my palate haha. I felt like I was feasting all day long. I have to pretty much divide my gallery of “food porn” in this post haha. My friend hit me up to grab lunch with her and her younger brother, so I met up with them in Milpitas, CA. at this Thai restaurant called Banh Thai. I’ve been here once already. Food isn’t too bad. I’m pretty particular about my Thai food and hands down the best Thai food I’ve had was at my close friend’s family’s restaurant back in Boston called Dok Bua. This place isn’t too bad, but I don’t really care to come back on my own. Although, their papaya salad is on point though haha.

After lunch I went home and killed some time until my friend was done with church. Her friend from Stockton, CA came down to hang out and once again, the feasting continues! Haha. We took him out to Palo Alto, CA which was nice. Meant to go there mainly for this ice cream cookie joint but nope. Ended up grubbing at Umami’s haha. I wasn’t too hungry, so my friend and I split an Ahi Tuna burger which was pretty good. Their fries were so good especially the “Truffle ’em” fries! If you ever go there and try those fries, ask the waiter for some garlic aioli mayo/sauce. So bomb with the fries! I’d probably go back and try an actual beef burger.

After Umami’s we got in line for Cream, which is an ice cream cookie sandwich spot. I like how it was just a couple doors down from Umami, so it was pretty convenient to grab dessert after dinner. The line was a bit intimidating because it got a lot longer since it was around dinner time and most people were in need of dessert afterwards. Luckily the wait wasn’t too bad. I think what backed up the line the most was once you walk in you’re trying to decide what combination you want. I felt so rushed to decide so I just kept it quite simple. I got a chocolate chip cookie with coconut ice cream. Their coconut ice cream is pretty good and it has some coconut bits in it too. Next time I’d like to spice up my selection!

After going on an unexpected “food adventure”, we headed back to San Jose and decided … LETS GO BAR HOPPING! lol …on a Sunday? haha. It was a good time though. We went to 55 South in downtown SJ. I ran into this guy I had met recently and totally forgot his band performs there on Sundays. Chatted with him for a bit and just chilled. He suggested for me to try the “Moscow Mule” which was pretty good. We just hung out and enjoyed the live music. Afterwards we headed to Chacho’s where my friend had shown me a picture of the “Hennchata”. Most of you may not know, but I LOVE  Hennessy lol.  So anything with Henny in it, I have to try it lol. Okay, now I just sound like an alcoholic lol. But the Hennchata was so tasty. Okay, once again I sound like an alcoholic LOL. I was joking around with my friends saying I wish there was boba in it because it tasted sorta like milk tea haha. I’d suggest trying it if you want to try something new or if you’re a Henny junkie like myself haha.

Anyways, that’s all the food porn I have for now. It was a pretty spontaneous Sunday with good company! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

    1. When you go into “Media” in your Blog Admin where your photos are, click “Create Gallery” and there’s some options for how you want to layout your photos so either thumbnail grid I think, but I choose “tiled mosaic”.

      1. took me so long just to find a NEW THEME and update what needed to be updated. i feel like this is such a fresh start – new direction for the blog!

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