Comedy Jam 2013

Just got home not too long ago from Comedy Jam in Mountain View, CA. at Shoreline Amphitheatre. It was a great time! I brought my DSLR with my but unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it at all. In fact, the staff made me “check it in” and they held it for me at a booth. Disappointed that I didn’t get to use it and I checked the site to see if I was even allowed to bring it. Nothing was stated on the site. Oh well!

While I was checking my camera in, the lady at the booth was really nice and randomly asked me how many people I was with and I told her 8. She asked me if I wanted FREE upgraded seating. In my mind I was thinking, “girrrrrl, you don’t gotta ask my TWICE!” lol. The tickets were cheap to begin with ($25 for lawn seating). I told her I’ll go check with my friend and the rest of the group. Luckily, the lady had 8 tickets where we were all able to sit together, so that was awesome. It was really random that she had offered it to me and I barely had a conversation with her lol. Our original seats was on the lawn section. Either way seats weren’t bad at all!

Grabbed a few beers and greasy snacks (garlic fries and nachos) and we enjoyed the show. We missed the first three comedians due to traffic and parking, but I didn’t even know who they are so it’s okay haha. I was definitely excited for Anjelah Johnson and Mike Epps. I had seen Russell Peters earlier this year back in  Boston, and he was alright. He used a joke I already heard from the first time I had seen him, so eh it’s alright… haha.

The line up of comedians were:

– Kabir Singh (no idea who he is)

– Cristela Alonzo (no idea who she is )

– Felipe Esparza (no idea who he is)

– Mike E. Winfield (hilarious!)

– Anjelah Johnson (awesome .. my favorite chola lol)

– Tony Roberts (hilarious!)

– Joey Diaz (snoozer)

– Russell Peters (seen him already, no biggie)

– Mike Epps (not that funny which was disappointing)

I’ll try to upload a couple video clips I recorded from the show, but for now pictures will do. Definitely check it out next summer if you’re in the Bay Area. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend! 🙂


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