Sweet Corner

This place is a total guilty pleasure of mines. I generally don’t have a sweet tooth, but this place makes an exception for me. Back in December 2012 when I first came to visit Cali, specifically San Jose, my close friend here fulfilled her role of being my tour guide. Pretty much showing me what the good eats are around here. She asked if I’ve tried jasmine milk tea before and hyped it up for me that I was gonna get addicted to Sweet Corner’s jasmine milk tea. Indeed, she was right and the jasmine milk tea did live up to it’s hype haha. It had the right amount of sweetness to it and a very fragrant jasmine taste to it to give it a kick. I’ve been hooked since then. There was only one place back in Boston that I ordered it (Lollicup, BARF!! haha) from very rarely, but it can’t even compare haha.

Anyways, I’m spending my “Thirsty Thursday” café hopping haha. As much as I’d love to have an alcoholic beverage right now, this jasmine milk tea shall suffice. Sighs… lol. Kinda glad I came here since it’s definitely much more peaceful here and they’re open until midnight. I really enjoy the atmosphere here and I just find it overall relaxing here for my likings. I think it’s cute place to come here for a date or well at least a “coffee date”. Also, the staff here is super friendly. I always have a conversation with the staff here whenever I come here.

I’ve tried to branch out and try their other items, but I always end up going back to the jasmine milk tea lol. I’ve tried their rose milk tea which also has a strong fragrant taste to it. It had a unique taste to it, not in a bad way though. I’ll probably order it again in the future. Their Thai iced tea here is pretty good as well and I’m pretty picky of where I get my Thai iced tea from. There’s only one place I order it back at home and it’s from my friend’s family’s Thai restaurant back at home haha. I’ve tried their honeydew milk tea, which was okay. I think if I ever order it again, I’ll ask them to make it sweeter. My friend suggested to try the mini cream puffs here, which they’re usually sold out of. Once again, they’re pretty tasty lol. Their dessert selections range from macaroons (a single large one or a container of 6-8 mini ones), Boston creme pie, tiramisu, crème brûlée, etc. I was told it wasn’t that good, but one of these days I’ll bring myself to try it out myself.

Okay, I’m done boasting about how awesome this place is, even though it is haha. Definitely check it out if you’re ever out here in San Jose! 🙂



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