San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2013

Last weekend I went to check out the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest. I was searching for upcoming local events and this definitely appealed to me. I’ve always wanted to check out the jazz festival when I went to visit Montreal and other places I’ve visited, but my timing was bad. With a new camera on deck, I might as well go explore and plus it was nice out, but then again it’s nice and sunny here practically everyday in Cali haha. Unfortunately, I went by myself and just felt like a total loner. It would’ve been much more fun to have some company to enjoy this event with, but I still had a good time. Although, I really wanted to get a beer there, but clearly I would’ve looked more like a total loner doing that lol. Sighs..haha. I didn’t bother buying a ticket. I just walked right in lol. I was kinda confused as to where to purchase the tickets and where it was located exactly. Anyways, I thought it was so cute how a lot of people were wearing fedoras and seeing how happy the crowd was. Total strangers just dancing with each other. I loved all the liveliness I was surrounded by. It was rather comforting and filled a void of the lack of company I had. Once again the homesickness kicked in and I wished my friends were there with me to enjoy the event because I know they’d definitely appreciate it. I hung around for two hours. Definitely want to check it out again next year or even consider volunteering.

Enjoy the photos! 🙂


5 thoughts on “San Jose Jazz Summer Fest 2013

  1. Ah, the loneliness! I know the feeling. What are you doing in San Jose? You are seeking work and you’re from NYC right? I think I recall from reading your previous blog.

      1. oh i see. lol. good luck with everything!

        BTW, I was suppose to go to a OneRepublic concert this weekend….but I guess i’m not going….considering that it’s 5 states away! haha.

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