Samurais & etc.

It’s been very long over due with posting these pics up. Prior to my move, I wanted to check out the MFA because of their samurai exhibit, which was ending sometime early August. Not many people know this about me, but I absolutely love Asian art, so I was very excited about this exhibit. A bunch of my friends got to check it out already, which was a bummer for me. Either way I would’ve gone with or without friends, but I thought it would be much more enjoyable with some company. Luckily one of my close friends didn’t check it out yet so we all got together and had some museum fun. The samurai exhibit itself was semi-disappointing. Beautiful collection, but so damn small! lol. I was hoping to see some swords or something, but what I saw was good enough for me. Regardless, it was pretty dope! The MFA opened up a new wing which was under construction for awhile so it was nice to check that out. It seems like there were some new collections which was never there before …or maybe it was there and I wasn’t as observant lol. I wish I didn’t sell my DSLR so I could’ve taken better photos. Ugh!!! I definitely miss going to this museum since it was close to the college that I had attended and it made me reminiscent of my art school days. I remember walking over there to meet with my professor and have class there. Walking to the museum was at least 15-20 minute walk and I love walking by Fenway Park. I really enjoyed those days.

Anyways, enjoy the photos! 🙂 Perhaps maybe my next trip to the museum (or general outtings) I’ll have another DSLR again! 😀


2 thoughts on “Samurais & etc.

  1. Beautiful photos! The samurai exhibit was indeed cool, can’t imagine people really wearing those gear in battle.This is a wild guess, but you went to Mass Art? I go to MCP and it’s also a 15-20 min walk to the MFA.

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