Tofu and Sashimi Galore!

Ever since I moved to Cali, I’m eating a lot fresher and cleaner again. I was always pretty much eating fairly light and clean unless I was dining out. But even when I was dining out it wasn’t too bad. It was always usually hot pot, but now it’s been crawfish or pho haha. Dining out at American restaurants is a waste of money to me and I think the food is gross lol. I’d rather make pasta or a burger in my own home. Generally when I cook, I use very simple ingredients. Although, I have to say I do miss cooking in my own kitchen. I’ve been craving for sashimi, avocados, seaweed, and tofu a lot, which isn’t a bad thing haha. With the free time I have on my hands, I’ve been focusing on my health again. It was so chaotic during my move that I hardly had the time to go work out. With the amount of stress I was dealing with, I definitely gained some weight. Good thing I was able to fit in a couple work out sessions here and there, but not as adequate as I’d like. Lets see how long this whole health phase lasts haha. Well I generally eat light like this so it’s not an issue really. It’s just getting my ass to work out that’s the issue haha. I’ve made more time to go running around my neighborhood. I’m still debating on joining the gym around here even though I prefer being active outdoors. We’ll see. 🙂

Hope you enjoy my “cooking”! Just quick simple lunches I’ve been having. Nothing special!


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