A Woman’s Worth

My heart really aches for my mom. I am beyond disgusted with how people treat her. I’m not gonna say this just because she’s my mom, but she’s hands down the most hardworking, sweetest, strongest, genuine person I know. I’m sure everyone feels this way about their mom and it’s most likely true, but no really she is. I don’t understand why people treat her the way that they do. Partially she allows it, but it’s not like she’s never tried to stand up for herself. She is a sweetheart, but a tough cookie at the same time. Whenever she confides in me about how someone was mean to her, I get so furious. There has been many instances where I do have to step in and say something to whoever is giving her a difficult time or making her upset. It’s much more difficult now that I’m not on the east coast anymore.

She called me up the other night and vented to me. I really felt her pain and sadness. I hate having to feel so helpless being in the west coast and wishing I could be there to comfort her. I know I can’t be her super hero and come to her rescue like I did before, but I do appreciate her coming to me when she needs it. I just wished people would truly appreciate her and not take advantage of her. I can understand how she feels for whereas I dealt with a lot of the same issues she’s dealt with before. I can tell she’s still trying her best to stay strong, but at the same time I know how heartbroken she is. Her heart has been broken for so many years and I think she’s now reaching her breaking point. I really don’t blame her to feel the way that she does.

For all the struggles she’s gone through in her life, all she ever wanted was a “thank you” or any kind gesture to know her actions are appreciated. I hear so much sadness in her voice and I can’t help but to cry for her. I don’t pity her. A piece of my heart belongs to her and a part of it is broken because of the pain she endures. As I’m saying all of this I can definitely fit in her shoes and know what it’s like. I see so much of myself in my mother and she’s helped me become a stronger woman each day. I been there and done that when it comes to how people treated me when it came to friendships and relationships. I don’t tolerate anyone’s bullshit nor will I allow anyone to walk all over me or the people I love and care about. I see the wrongs in her life and it’s taught me how important it is to value your worth as a woman. It’s just a shame to see how people take her for granted and underestimate her.

She truly is a great woman and I will never allow anyone especially a man to treat me the way that she has been treated. Unfortunately, I can’t always protect everyone I hold near and dear to my heart. It’s a shame how many people still struggle with appreciating the people around them.


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