Finally arrived in Cali and been almost a week since I’ve been here. It was quite a drive but I’m relieved to have made it here. I have to say driving through Wyoming or closer to Cali in general passing through the mountains was a scary experience for me haha.

Our stops were:

– Buffalo, NY

– Chicago, IL (stayed two days)

– Kearney, NE

– Salt Lake City, UT


I don’t know if you’re reading this, but thanks again for your help. I really do appreciate it.

Anyways, I’m slowly unpacking my things and settling in. Got to meet up with a couple friends from here, which was great. I’m just having a hard time adjusting without my family and friends from back at home here. People keep asking me if I’m excited to be here in Cali. Honestly, I am but I wish I could share this part of my life with the ones I love and care about deeply. To enjoy all this “happiness” on your own is very sad and lonely.

I spoke with my dad during my first full day here and he called to check up on me. During our conversation he told me how he’s been having trouble sleeping because I’m not there. My mom noticed he wasn’t in bed and found him in the computer room sitting here crying because he misses me a lot. When he told me that, my heart just broke. I started crying because I was the reason for him being sad. I really do hate making anyone feel upset or angry. I know it’s expected for the both of us to feel the way we do and it’s a part of growing up.

I’m just having a hard time adjusting and I know it’s gonna take some time. I’ve told my friends back at home that I feel like it’s the first day of school and I’m the new kid no one wants to play with LOL. But in all seriousness, I am looking forward to all the changes in my life. It’s what I’ve wanted and I’ve got it.

I really did leave my heart back in Boston.



2 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. oh wow that is one long journey! where are you in CA? there are lots and lots of xangans here that you can meet up with 🙂 and i am usually regularly in both norcal and socal although that will probably change after next month. that’s really sad about your dad but i think if you call him a lot, he’ll appreciate it very much. hope you will find people to hang out with because there are so many great things to do and see here!

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